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Cross-platform lib for process and system monitoring in Python. Projects using psutil. psutil has roughly the following monthly downloads: Downloads.

I have come across a number of packages where one or more dependency has a version of * i.e. latest or any but it is present in the lock file. This means that I cannot install that package unless: The current latest happens to match or I.

A tool for inspecting the contents of Apache Traffic Server caches - Comcast/Superior-Cache-ANalyzer

GNES is Generic Neural Elastic Search, a cloud-native semantic search system based on deep neural network. OpenCensus Azure Monitor Exporter 一个用于快速构建大规模,高质量,全自动化的 mysql分布式集群环境的工具;包含mysql 安装、备份、监控、高可用、读写分离、优化、巡检、自行化运维 - Neeky/mysqltools8 Contribute to telescopeuser/Prod-GCP-GPU-Setup development by creating an account on GitHub. GPU-accelerated Deep Learning on Windows 10 native - philferriere/dlwin simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python 2 Using pip --- #. Use pip to install the packages: :: pip install -U exabgp exabgp --help Without installation --- :: curl -L | tar zx ./exabgp-4.0.5/sbin/exabgp --help Feedback and…

Use pip version 19.2 or newer to install the downloaded .whl files. 2017 and 2019 for Python 3, or the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package pyzopfli; pywinpty; psutil; mysqlclient; statsmodels; wordcloud; bsdiff4; pycuda; ets  23 May 2014 Wheels ( ) are the new standard of Today there is no way to silently install the .exe files for windows and it will not A .whl file would allow for me to start using psutils on a mass scale and  17 Oct 2019 When I enter pip install psutil at the command prompt after upgrading to Python 3.8.0, psutil Downloading a wheel for 3.8 since appveyor still does not provide Python 3.8. File "C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Desktop\", line 2, in import psutil. ImportError: No module named C:\>python -m pip install psutil Collecting psutil Downloading /psutil-5.4.7-cp27-none-win_amd64.whl (220kB) 100%  5 days ago This site shows the top 360 most-downloaded packages on PyPI showing Note: To include your project's license file in the wheel distribution,  python bdist_wheel -d TARGET. This command must create a wheel compatible with the invoking Python Install from the given requirements file.

Code for the 2-simplicial Transformer paper. Contribute to dmurfet/2simplicialtransformer development by creating an account on GitHub. Event driven concurrent framework for Python A robust implementation of concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor Presents CSV datasets to mosaik as models. pex is a library for generating .pex (Python EXecutable) files which are executable Python environments in the spirit of virtualenvs. pex is an expansion upon the ideas outlined in PEP 441 and makes the deployment of Python applications as… Best, Adam --= Content-Type: text/x-diff Content-Disposition: inline; filename=0001-gnu-Add-python-latexcodec.patch Content-Description: gnu: Add python-latexcodec >From 689559952c8fc7c4091d7239a25f1cec428aebac Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From… Flask is a microframework for creating web applications. First you need to install your python 3.4 and then you will get the pip script from here. About pip you can read more on the pip webpage. Run the pip install: python Go to…

Collecting pyqt5-macos-built Downloading pyqt5-macos-built-5.5.0.tar.gz (5.1MB) 100% |###| 5.1MB 124kB/s /usr/local/Cellar/python3/3.4.2_1/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.4/lib/python3.4/distutils/ UserWarning: Unknown…

Contribute to seliencepuppet/python development by creating an account on GitHub. When attempting to use a py2 pants pex (edit: built using build-support/bin/ -p) to lint a py3 target in an external repo at master (technically 0406f0f), the following error occurs: 20:12:57 00:18 [pythonstyle] 20:12:57 00:18 Contribute to guohuadeng/odoo13-x64 development by creating an account on GitHub. Preparing to unpack python-setuptools_39.0.1-2_all.deb Unpacking python-setuptools (39.0.1-2) Setting up python-pip-whl (9.0.1-2.3~ubuntu1) Setting up python-pkg-resources (39.0.1-2) Processing triggers for man-db (2.8.3… The psutil package uses C extensions, and installing the package from source or with a python package manager (such as pip) will require build tools. You can upgrade to a newer version of Python to solve this. For more information, see InsecurePlatformWarning $ pip install --user Pygments Collecting Pygments… Discover lesser-known Python libraries that are easy to install and use, cross-platform, and applicable to more than one domain.

Framework for studying fluid dynamics.

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